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  • Length Conversions
  • Weight Conversions
  • Baking Conversions
  • Temperature Conversions
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Length Conversions

Unit AbbreviationUnit Name
cm to ftcentimeters to feet
cm to incentimeters to inches
cm to kmcentimeters to kilometers
cm to mcentimeters to meters
cm to micentimeters to miles
cm to mmcentimeters to millimeters
cm to ydcentimeters to yards
ft to cmfeet to centimeters
ft to infeet to inches
ft to kmfeet to kilometers
ft to mfeet to meters
ft to mifeet to miles
ft to mmfeet to millimeters
ft to ydfeet to yards
in to cminches to centimeters
in to ftinches to feet
in to kminches to kilometers
in to minches to meters
in to miinches to miles
in to mminches to millimeters
in to ydinches to yards
km to cmkilometers to centimeters
km to ftkilometers to feet
km to inkilometers to inches
km to mkilometers to meters
km to mikilometers to miles
km to mmkilometers to millimeters
km to ydkilometers to yards
m to cmmeters to centimeters
m to ftmeters to feet
m to inmeters to inches
m to kmmeters to kilometers
m to mimeters to miles
m to mmmeters to millimeters
m to ydmeters to yards
mi to cmmiles to centimeters
mi to ftmiles to feet
mi to inmiles to inches
mi to kmmiles to kilometers
mi to mmiles to meters
mi to mmmiles to millimeters
mi to ydmiles to yards
mm to cmmillimeters to centimeters
mm to ftmillimeters to feet
mm to inmillimeters to inches
mm to kmmillimeters to kilometers
mm to mmillimeters to meters
mm to mimillimeters to miles
mm to ydmillimeters to yards
yd to cmyards to centimeters
yd to ftyards to feet
yd to inyards to inches
yd to kmyards to kilometers
yd to myards to meters
yd to miyards to miles
yd to mmyards to millimeters

Weight Conversions

Unit AbbreviationUnit Name
g to kggrams to kilograms
g to mggrams to milligrams
g to ozgrams to ounces
g to lbgrams to pounds
kg to gkilograms to grams
kg to mgkilograms to milligrams
kg to ozkilograms to ounces
kg to lbkilograms to pounds
kg to tkilograms to tons
mcg to mgmicrograms to milligrams
mg to gmilligrams to grams
mg to kgmilligrams to kilograms
mg to mcgmilligrams to micrograms
oz to gounces to grams
oz to kgounces to kilograms
oz to lbounces to pounds
lb to gpounds to grams
lb to kgpounds to kilograms
lb to ozpounds to ounces
lb to stpounds to stones
lb to tpounds to tons
st to lbstones to pounds
t to kgtons to kilograms
t to lbtons to pounds

“One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions”.

Dr. Grace Hopper

Pioneer mathematician and computer scientist who invented the compiler, a program that translates English language instructions into the language of the target computer. Dr. Hopper was also a rear admiral in the U.S. Navy during WWII.